Who Dares Wins!


Why am I writing this blog?

I’m writing it for you but for me too. 

Writing is my passion so the chance to write an

On-Line Confidence Building Journal,

which is how I see it, couldn’t be missed!

Inspired by my successful on-line Confidence Workshop (see the About  page) I decided to write my random and not so random thoughts about how our confidence is shaped by all that happens to us.

It’s amazing the insights I discover as I go about my days.

I hope you will find them at least interesting and at best helpful or thought provoking.

In preparation I’ve trawled the net for help and printed off reams of pages of helpful hints and tips. 

But now I must stop faffing about and just do it!

So here it is. 

My first post. 

I’ve ‘dared’.. let’s hope I win!



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4 responses to “Who Dares Wins!

  1. Harry

    Well done Linda all looks good on my iPhone 🙂

  2. Sarah Guilder

    Good for you for writing a blog
    I thought about doing a blog about setting up Bay Leaves Larder ( and as you can imagine there would have been alot to write about as so much thinking had to be done !!) but then thought when would I get a chance ? but as have now got addicted to Facebook as my escapism from work maybe I should channel my addiction with a blog what do you think ?
    I think it would be fun as I write how I think ( although maybe people would really think I was completly bonkers !)
    Let me know your thoughts Mrs Professional Blogger
    Hope all is well with You and Roger and the lovely Catherine
    Take care and catch up soon !
    Your mad Deli Catering friend xx


    Hi Linda

    I really enjoyed your blog. Very interesting. I will be watching with interest.

    Well Done


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