If the snow drops can bloom…

‘It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.’

Edmund Hillary

When it was suggested I should write a blog I have to admit I felt powerless, pathetic and pessimistic.

‘But I don’t know how to do it!’ I whined.

I was stuck and I felt a bit of a fraud. 

After all, I’m supposed to be ‘Mrs Confident’, guiding my clients to a more confident life, for goodness sake.

On my walk around the lane in the pale winter sunshine, (my grand effort at keeping fit…) I spotted some clumps of snowdrops, bravely blooming amongst the brambles. 

 Gradually, my face relaxed.  I was beginning to warm up. 

I was also beginning to believe in myself…

Back in the warmth of my study I couldn’t wait to switch on my computer. 

My heart pounded (yes, really!) as I logged on to WordPress for the first time.

A tiny blue jug of snowdrops sits on my desk as I write today.

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One response to “If the snow drops can bloom…


    Hi Linda

    Really enjoyed your blog. I will be watching with interest for more blogs!!

    Well Done.


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