‘Are we nearly there yet?’

…a long  journey is just a lot of short              ones  joined together…                               

Oh dear.  Writing this confidence blog suddenly seems overwhelming.  I guess I thought all I’d have to do would be ‘write’ but there’s so much more to it!  Talking to my blog writing friends, I realise I need to know:

  • all about how to put photos in my blog
  • what exactly is a ‘tag’?
  • how do I insert a ‘link’ to other interesting parts of the web?

I could go on but I think you get my drift…

So before I throw the whole blog idea into the bin, I’ve decided I must  talk to myself ( I know, I know, but it has to be done!) 

I need to become my own Confidence Coaching client!  

The conversation goes something like this:

Me, the Coach : ‘So what is it you need my help with, Linda?’

Me, the Client:  ‘I simply want to write a blog but the problem is, it isn’t ! Simple, that is!  I’m really not very confident about technical stuff and it’s all a huge learning curve for me.’

‘OK.  let’s look at it like this.  Let’s imagine you’re going on a long trip, by yourself, to the USA perhaps.  What would be the first step?’

‘I’d write some lists.  Packing, documents to take, taxi to arrange, clothes to buy…’

‘So… why not think of your blog project in that way?  It is a long journey.  But remember, a long journey is only lots of short ones joined together. ‘

‘So all I have to do, is start with the first step and write my lists!’

And that’s what I’ve done. 

I’m making lists of all the questions I need answering, procedures on the computer that I need explaining, pages on the Support Section of this site that I could print off,  people I could ask for help…

I already feel better, and am believing that I can make this journey.  

In  my head I hear the words  ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

 And I know what my reply is: 

‘No, but we’re well on our way!’

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