3,617 and counting…

I know that I need to do some exercise but I have always loathed it with a passion.  OK, I did join a gym for a while … I think you can guess the rest…

But I love dancing.  Especially to my favourites like Brian Ferry, Status Quo, Beach Boys and the like.  So I got my lovely OH (other half) to compile a CD to play on my computer and now I can cavort for as long as I wish, to my music, in the privacy of the spare room.  (Don’t worry, I keep the curtains pulled.)

It’s got to be better than NOT doing the exercise I tell myself.

And then I read somewhere that we should do about 10,000 steps each day to really keep fit, so I acquired one of these… … and this morning I tested it out. 

Now all I need to do is find ways to get to the 10,000. 

When I was dancing this morning I was thinking…

whenever I start something new, I must remember to be satisfied with the first steps. 

I always want to get to the 10.000 mark straight away. 

I want the goal achieved NOW. 

And you want to be confident NOW.

But then there’d be no satisfaction if it was easy, would there? 

I’m quite looking forward to seeing the numbers on the pedometer tomorrow. 

Perhaps by next Friday…



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3 responses to “3,617 and counting…

  1. Vinca

    I love your writing style Linda. Keep it up!

  2. Harry

    Hey would pay money to see your OH dancing to the Quo!

  3. Pingles

    Got it – other half! xxx

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