Mountains and molehills

Following on from yesterday, I got to thinking about those mole hills.

This famous mound looks easy to climb but close up it will be a different matter.

Is it a mole hill?

One person’s molehill can seem like a mountain to them, depending on their view of  the problem.

Writing this blog and getting to grips with the computer procedures might be a tiny molehill to some people but to me, it was huge. 

Oddly enough, the nearer I stand to it, the smaller it becomes. 

Funny, that…



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2 responses to “Mountains and molehills

  1. Christine

    Lovely words & thoughts Linda, problems get bigger the nearer they are, however, molehills get smaller…… I’ll think molehills are the future! Keep in touch.. Christine

  2. Melanie

    I loved reading your blog. What a great idea. I am inspired by all the creative things people are doing with their writing. Melanie

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