Can you feel it?

Spring, I mean? 

This morning I could sense a subtle change in the air.  It even smelt different.  

As I ‘sniffed the air’, I was a child again, aged about 7, wondering whether I’d be allowed to go out without a coat, wear my new white socks and get out my skipping rope.  After all, the sun felt warm on my back so it must be spring.

Everything smelt of anticipation, excitement and ‘going back out to play after tea.’  I felt hope all around me.  I could even sense the grass starting to grow. 

I watched the black shapes of the rooks as they squawked across the sunlit sky, smiled at the crocuses as they lifted their faces to the sunlight                                                    

 and tears threatened as I heard the robin’s sharp song .

It’s the first of March. 

For me it’s  always meant the end of winter and the beginning of spring. 

I know it’s cold and we could have some more snow, but perhaps…

…can you feel it? 

In the air? 

You will, if you want to…


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One response to “Can you feel it?

  1. viragobabe

    Felt the same when i saw my first bunch of snowdrops last week…so fresh and new after the long gloomy winter.

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