Ever seen a ‘water-mouse’?

I nearly did yesterday!

 I saw its hole, a dark, deep intriguing  cave of a hole on the edge of a muddy river path.  Ruby bent down, very close, and peered into the darkness. 

‘A water- mouse lives here’,  she informed me.  ‘Would he like some bread, do you think?’

She held out the crumbs of bread left over from the swan’s late lunch and dropped them into the hole.  She watched for a while, just in case the occupant appeared, before finally resuming her walk by the rushing water.

I envied her. 

She believed in that ‘water- mouse’.  It lived in that hole, of that there was no doubt.  And it would enjoy the bread she’d given it.

Sometimes it’s good to simply believe.  Even when it seems impossible.  Even when people tell us we should know better. 

Do you believe in ‘water-mice’? 

I do.



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