Tags, links and categories… what the ****?

Ok, so I decide to write a blog.

Writing is my first love, apart from my lovely OH of course, so a blog would seem to be a good idea. 

It means I have to find something to write about every day and all good writers know that you should exercise your writing muscle daily. 

That’s all fine. 

Until someone tells you that you need to know about other stuff, like ‘tags, links and categories’. 

That’s when I begin to feel out of my depth.  That’s when panic set in.


I swallow my pride, take a deep breath and ask for help. 

A ‘computer wizard’ friend offers to spend time with me, talking me through all the things I don’t  understand, explaining the mysteries of blogging and gradually I feel more confident.  To continue the swimming theme, I feel able to take a few tentative strokes towards the end of my pool.

No-one likes to feel out of their depth.  

Many of my confidence coaching clients tell me they feel useless, helpless and incapable of moving from where they are to where they’d like to be.  Until they ask for help, that is. 

And, like my computer wizard friend, I talk them through the issues until they begin to take those tentative strokes towards the end of their pool.

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