A purple wallet

Sometimes I find it hard to  leave my comfort zone

Don’t get me wrong – I  want to leave it, I really do. 

But I just can’t.

Let me give you some examples.

  • I want to try a new holiday destination.  But I might not like it.  It might rain.  Or be too hot.  Or I won’t like the food.  Or the hotel.  Or I’ll get ill.  Or the sky will fall in…
  • I’d like to change my hair style/colour.  But I might not like it.  Or my OH won’t like it.  Or my children will laugh.  Or the sky will fall in…
  • I’d love to wear a shorter skirt.  But I’ll look silly. Or my friends will laugh.  Or I’ll be mutton dressed as… Or the sky….

I’m sure you get the picture.

Have a look at my wallet:

I’ve had it for years.   So  many years I can’t remember.  It’s a perfectly good wallet.  It’s leather, reasonably smart and it does the job.

Now have a look at this one:

It’s purple and pink in fact, but I couldn’t find a picture of a pink and purple one to show you.  I spotted it in a gift shop and loved it straight away.  But it was purple.  And pink.  And I didn’t really need it.  Afterall, I had a perfectly good wallet.  But it was black and very boring.

I think you can guess the rest. 

Yes!  I bought myself a pink and purple wallet.  I left my ridiculous comfort zone and bought it.

And the sky didn’t fall in…

Comfort zones vary as much as their owners.  We all have one.  And don’t we just love the safety of staying there?

Sometimes we have to break out. 

We decide it’s time and we take those all important steps to make a change.

When did you last ‘buy a purple wallet’?



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2 responses to “A purple wallet

  1. Alina

    I am about to get my own “purple wallet”.
    I’m a very timid driver and trundle about my own little patch, prefering to be chauffered.
    Recently my husband was told not to drive for a while and I realised if I didn’t do it our world would shrink.
    So we are going outside of my usual area and I’m driving.
    I like purple and I want, not need a new wallet.

  2. You’ll be so proud of yourself!

    And who knows how many more ‘purple accessories’ you’ve yet to discover!

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