What I Learnt From A Man Wearing Flip Flops

Today I stood at the highest point on Dartmoor.  Bright blue sky, sheep huddling in the lee of the fields, walkers head to foot in warmth against the icy wind.

High over head distant vapour trails and wispy clouds hinted at the spring and summer to come.

I was glad of the warmth of my thick silky coat, my woollen gloves and my scarf.  I felt cosy and protected.

And then I saw him.  A crazy walker, clad in combats and flip-flops.

I looked again to check I wasn’t mistaken, but he was definitely wearing flip-flops.  And he was setting off across the moor.

When new confidence coaching clients ask me what coaching can do for them I tell them that, yes, they can possibly manage to sort out their issues by themselves.  But it’s a bit like the ‘walker’ I saw today.  He could walk in his flip-flops but he won’t get very far before he wishes he was wearing something more supportive. 

 If he was wearing these –

he’d get so much further.  He’d feel the strength and support of the walking boots.  He’d be able to cope with bogs, streams and rocky terrain, no problem. he’d feel confident of success.

But in flip-flops?

Life’s issues are so much easier to sort out when you have the right support.

What support are you getting?


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