Road ahead closed

They closed the A 303. 

Our journey home  from Plymouth should have been so easy, but…

they closed the A 303. 


‘It’s OK!  There’s a diversion!‘ I told my OH.  Which would have been fine but… they closed that too and we were diverted from the diversion.  (Hope you’re following this…)

Then we remembered ‘George’. 

He lives in the glove compartment and doesn’t come out very often but today he would come to our rescue.  We switched him on and waited.  Grinning at one another, we heard his dark brown voice telling us to ‘turn around and after 500 yards, turn left.’  

We manoeuvred down narrow lanes, barely squeezing past an oncoming tractor, admiring the chickens in a farm-yard and exclaiming at the brave budding daffodils in the hedges.   We did as ‘George’ our Sat Nav advised and before too long we were miraculously back on the main road.  The diversion signs were back and we were on our way.


Coaching clients sometimes tell me that they’ve come to a full stop in their lives.  The road they were on just stops. 

Perhaps they lose their job.  Now they must completely rethink their route.  They must ‘turn around and after 500 yards, turn left.’  However much they want to carry on down their original road, they can’t.  It’s closed.

I was all ready to get upset when we lost our way today.  I could have fussed and fumed and even got angry with ‘the stupid people who thought it was a good plan to close the busy  A 303.’  

But I took a few deep breaths, stopped trying to change what was out of my control to change, and with George’s help, took a different route.  We reached our destination, but we travelled on a different road.

Sometimes coaching clients have to have the confidence to change their ‘route’ . But they still reach their destination. 

 And sometimes, the vistas from the ‘new road’ are amazing.


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3 responses to “Road ahead closed

  1. Carol Donaldson

    I am really enjoying your daily blogs, plus sensible advice when confronted with life’s problems. You put such a positive spin on things. Regards, Carol

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, I get a huge thrill out of writing it!
    I’m looking for ideas all the time and it makes ME think about life’s problems too.

  3. Oh, how right you are! I too, have followed that diversion from the diversion…great fun as long as you a)filled up with petrol b)filled up with food and c)don’t wake up your youngest son by losing the signs at Shaftesbury and stopping just a second too long!!! Love the writing Linda…well done!

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