Choose your Goal with Care…

… or you might miss! 

Have you noticed that the potholes in our roads have been ‘breeding?

Instead of looking ahead when I drive, I seem to spend more time scanning for cavernous holes than I should.  I swerve and dodge, my eyes everywhere but where they should be.  

OK – so you’ve set yourself a ‘goal.’

You want to be a more confident driver.  An excellent goal to have. 

And when do you hope to achieve it?  By the end of the week?  No chance.  None at all.

And you know that really, but if you’re anything like me you’re impatient and you want it NOW.

There are many potholes to be navigated around before you reach your goal.  But the most important one is: 

Is your goal achievable?                        

                           If it is, then you’re well on the way.

Now all you have to do is navigate around those other potholes!

More of this tomorrow…

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