So What’s your Goal?



Yesterday I introduced the topic of ‘goals’.  You probably have loads.  Why not make a list?

Hope you’ve written at least 20. 

And I bet the more you write on your list the more you can think of?  Great! 

But the bad news is, I want you to focus on just ONE, for today at least.

Decide which of your goals is your PRIORITY goal, the one you absolutely must achieve. 

Yes,  learning how to make a perfect Yorkshire pudding does count!  Even if you’re a man reading this, why not?  If that’s your priority goal, that’s absolutely fine.  This is YOUR goal we’re talking about.  No-one else’s.

OK.  So you’ve named it.  Now all we have to do is achieve it.

Just keep reading.  We’ll get to the next part tomorrow…

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