I dare you to Eat your Elephant!

Regular readers will know that yesterday I challenged you to ‘name your goal.’ 

‘You have to name it to claim it’, as they say. 

Is it a realistic goal?

Is it a bit scary?  

Are you excited about it?

Fun, this, isn’t it…

We all have an ‘elephant’ in our lives sometimes. 

It seems overwhelming, just too much. 

Let me tell you a bit about mine.

(Anyone with a fear of snakes, look away now… ooops!  Too late…)

I had a full-on phobia about sn…’s.  I wouldn’t have been able to glance at this picture and could hardly say the word.  Talk about an enormous ‘elephant’. 

What about you?  

How do you eat your elephant?

One bite at a time of course!  And that’s what I did.  Not overnight of course, in fact the whole process took 3 months, but I conquered my phobia and handled – yes! you did read that right – I finally handled a live snake. 

I’d like you to write down your goal from yesterday and then decide the FIRST STEP you can take to reaching it.  For me, my first step was simply deciding I was ready to face the challenge. 

And what will your first bite be?

More tomorrow…

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