How to look at your Goal from a distance


 Amazing, isn’t it? 

What our planet look like from a distance?

What a different perspective.  

And it’s exactly the same with your goal. 

Yesterday I asked you to write down your goal.  For some of you that might appear a bit of a strange thing to do.  But it really does help.

Take my current goal.  I could write this:

My goal is to write an amazing, intriguing, helpful, interesting, fantastic blog that everyone will want to read and my head will swell with pride at my success.

But now I see it written down, of course, it becomes clear that I might have to modify my goal, just a tad…  

OK, a bit of a silly example but I hope it shows this:

When you write down your goal you need to ask yourself, What is the bottom line of my goal? 

The bottom line for my goal is –

 I want to write an interesting blog. 

That’s it. 

For now. 

Have a look at yesterday’s goal from a distance.

What’s your  Bottom Line?


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