I dare you to leave your Comfort Zone

What if…. what if….

‘Shall we  try this place for lunch?’ my OH suggested. 

I have to say I wasn’t keen.  It looked dark, dim and dusty from where I was standing. 

‘I don’t like the look of it’, I moaned.  ‘Looks a bit dubious to me.’

We were about to walk on by when it came to me. 

What if… it was OK, what if… we enjoyed ourselves, what if…

So in we went. 

And what a surprise!

Swathes of hops and corn draped across the beams;  round, immaculately polished oak tables, candle lit, nearly all reserved;(always a good sign), empty champagne bottles on the window sill; (definitely a good sign) and then…  two gorgeous French barmen/waiters, (the best sign of all) and we hadn’t tasted the food yet!

Think about that priority goal of yours. 

When you’re trying to decide whether to take a risk and ‘go for it’, just think about those two gorgeous French men… 

Still want to stay in your Comfort Zone?

What if…. What if….



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2 responses to “I dare you to leave your Comfort Zone

  1. Emma GS

    omg this so sounds like me at the moment, i am wanting to move to accounts work and have been training, i have stayed in the same job not related to accounts for 2 years and been treated unfair compared to what i have done for the company.

    I am not one to beleive in putting myself out of work but i have done just that, for me!

    So i would say having a full time job is a comfort zone of mine (not that i realised it till i read this) but I am now leaving it to reach a few important goals

    these are great blogs linda and I will be back

  2. Glad this rang a bell with you Em, and that you’ve taken a brave step out of your comfort zone.
    I’d love to know what some of your ‘important goals’ are!

    I’ll be thinking about you as I write my posts.

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