Give a Compliment – Boost Someone’s Confidence

I cried today. 

Because both my ‘grown up’ children gave me the best compliment they could. 

They remembered.  It’s Mothering Sunday.

My lovely daughter  brought me a pretty card and some pink tulips, although she knows I would have been perfectly happy with a single flower. 

My lovely son phoned and told me he has a card and gift for me and I spoke to my little grand-daughter, which made me cry too.  (Yes, I know, but I’m like that…)

Their thoughtfulness was the complement that gave me confidence to believe that I’m still an’ OK mum’.

Pay someone a complement today. 

It may seem unimportant to you but it’ll make all the difference to them.  Trust me.  I know it’s true.




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2 responses to “Give a Compliment – Boost Someone’s Confidence

  1. Verity

    I loved your post. It’s always nice to get a compliment and can make someone’s day. I saw a girl in a beautiful blue dress on saturday evening. As I walked past she looked at me and I said ” I love your dress and the colour is fantastic” she thanked me but a little while later while queuing for the loos she came up to me and said” thanks for your compliment I was in too minds about the dress but I have had a few people say the same thing which has given me a real boost”
    I was happy for her but also made me feel good.

  2. Thanks Verity. It’s amazing how the compliment ‘comes back’ in a way, we feel better too, for having given it. Perhaps when we give one we also give out special vibes…

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