Choose your goal – choose your journey

Saw these this morning.

 ‘Wish I was up there,’ I mused. ‘Wonder where they’re off to?  Somewhere warmer than here, I bet…’

The people on that plane knew exactly where they were going. 

They’d made their plans, packed their stuff and they were off. 

They’d done all they could to have a successful trip. 

Now it was out of their hands. 

And I hope they were enjoying a rewarding drink to celebrate the start of their journey.

What about you? 

 Are you making plans ?

This week I’m going to be musing about our goals and how to make sure we  succeed.  I’ll  help you choose your goal and I’ll join you in a celebratory drink at the end of the week!

I could see exactly where those travellers had been but I could only guess at where they were going. 

Choose your  goal with care and you won’t need to guess where you’re going.



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