‘My goal is simple…

… it is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.’ 

So says Stephen Hawking.

Not much of a challenge then, very simple to achieve…not.

When you’re choosing your goal, consider this –

Will it matter to you if you don’t achieve it? 

Will you simply ‘move on’?

How will you feel if you don’t get there? 

 A bit disappointed?

Very disappointed? 

Absolutely p****d off?

You need to choose the goal that will make you feel like you won the lottery, even if your goal is very simple to some people, like mastering the art of blogging for example (my goal at the moment) or cooking a half decent curry, or saving £10 a week towards a special treat or… Well, you fill in the rest.

We can’t all have aspirations like Stephen Hawking.

But he had to start somewhere to achieve his goal. 

And so do you.


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2 responses to “‘My goal is simple…

  1. calamity

    Unfortunately my goal is perfection. I make endless lists. I want to wake up and have the perfect wardrobe, perfectly tidy home and neat garden. I focus on tangible ‘things’ too much and feel very dissatisfied with myself as a result. OH has retired and my life seems dedicated to doing nothing but kicking around the house doing nothing. Retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be, I have too much time for overthinking and feel a bit self-absorbed at the moment.
    Great blog! I’ve read it all in one sitting.

  2. Welcome calamity!
    I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my blog.
    You say your goal is perfection. Nothing wrong with that unless you secretly know that it’s unrealistic.

    Let me suggest you do this:
    1. Choose ONE area to work on. I know that’s hard, but believe me it wil work.
    2. Now make your list of steps to take, small and large.
    3. Take ONE of those steps today.

    Feeling a bit better?

    Do let me know.

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