Too many goals? Start with the easiest!

 I wanted to wear a chain the other day. 

But it was all tangled up. 

I started to lose my patience. 

After all, I wanted to wear it NOW.  This minute.  

I huffed and puffed.  And then I took a deep breath, found an ‘end’ and very slowly and painstakingly untangled it. By the time I’d finished I felt so much better.  I was untangled too.   

It’s like that with goals.  

You have so many and you want to achieve them NOW. This minute. All you need to do is.. find an ‘end’ and painstakingly untangle your muddle of goals

By the time you’ve finished you’ll feel so much better. 

You’ll be untangled too.  

Have you taken the time to find your ‘end’?   

When you’ve found your ‘end’ you’ll find your beginning…


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