Choose the Behaviour-Choose the Result

‘Maximun fine of £1000… Notice of intended prosecution…’

OMG!  Surely this wasn’t meant for me?  I blustered and flustered…

and then I sat down and read the letter slowly.

It was meant for me.  

I was responsible.

 I’d exceeded the speed limit.

And now I had to take responsibility and pay up.

I love this book.  If you read no other ‘Self help’ book, please give it a try.

It’s by Dr Phil McGraw. In Chapter 6, ‘Life Rewards Action’, he says –

‘When you choose the behaviour you choose the consequences.’

I chose to go too fast in a 30 mph limit.

So… I chose the consequences.  I got a fine.

I’ve learnt from this.  I will be very vigilant about speed limits from now on… honest, gov!

Ok.  You’ve chosen your goal.  It’s simple and it’s going to feel like you won the lottery when you achieve it.

Now… what actions are you going to take to make it happen?

‘The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.’  Walter Bagehot


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