Reward yourself – ‘Because You’re Worth It!’


1,029 viewers and counting… 

I’m so excited! 

 It’s a month since I started this and already people are giving me positive feedback!  (Have a look at my ‘You said…’ page.) 

My initial goal was to start this blog.  I’ve achieved that and I’m thrilled.  

Now I  have a new goal in sight for the next month:  

I want to double the number of readers of this blog.  So I’ll have to work hard and deliver what you’d like to read.  

When you’re working on your goal, remember to give yourself Rewards for every step.  My Reward is exactly what you’ve given me: to be joining in.   That’s it! That’s enough. 

So now it’s Reward Time for you: 

  • You’ve started to leave your Comfort Zone
  • You’ve chosen the easiest, achievable goal
  • You’ve started thinking about making changes

Do it!  Give yourself that Reward.

Because you’re worth it…’ 


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4 responses to “Reward yourself – ‘Because You’re Worth It!’

  1. I don’t really want to leave my comfort zone. Since I retired last July I have done it once. I went to Lanzarote with my sister and brother in law. It was my first time on a plane. I have always said I would never fly, using my fear of enclosed spaces. But I loved, it spent the whole return flight pointing my camera out of the window taking pictures . I have recently got divorced after being apart for 7 years. I used the fact that I was still married saying it was a barrier to stop me making anymore mistakes. I enjoy my own company and like being independant and in control of my destiny, but I do miss having some one there I can just cuddle up to.

  2. Welcome Marea!

    Looks like you took a huge step in leaving your Comfort Zone to fly for the first time. and then to get divorced.

    We can all learn from you, just what can be achieved when we’re motivated.

  3. Yes but I have returned to my comfort zone.

    • And that’s fine Marea!

      Whatever feels right for you at this time is fine. No-one has to leave their Comfort Zone unless they want to.

      Thanks for reading!

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