Fresh day- fresh sheet


 ‘I’ve gone wrong!  Can I have a new piece of paper, daddy?’

Ruby was painting.  She’d ‘gone wrong’.  She wanted to start again.  We gave her a fresh sheet of paper and she was happy. She could have another go.

You’re all fired up!

You’ve decided on your priority goal. 

You’ve made a list of all the steps you’re going to take to reach it, all the changes you’ll  make.

And then you have a bad day.  You didn’t make it. You feel a failure. 

‘What’s the point?’ you say to yourself.  ‘I’m rubbish. Might as well give up now.’

No! Don’t give up!

Give yourself that fresh piece of paper. Pick up your paint brush and have another try.  You can paint that picture!

Just like Ruby.

What will you ‘have another go’ at today?

What have you persevered with and finally succeeded?

Do tell us in the comments.

Header image courtesy of cursedthing,

post image by GoonSquadSarah,

both on Flickr.

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One response to “Fresh day- fresh sheet

  1. Yes I can see that. Many years ago I was learning the keyboard and everytime I made a wrong note I felt a failure. I could get nearlly to the end and do it again. I do hospital radio every other week and there always seems to be something I am not quite happy about. I feel I should not make any mistakes I have been doing for 16 years so how can I still not be perfect.

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