Get sorted!

OMG! – I need to organise my ‘favourites’ on my computer.

What a performance…

So many files, so many websites, ready to be looked at when I need them. 

It’s one of those Sunday mornings when I want to get organised.  And I’ll start with ‘my favourites.’

I’m overwhelmed.  In tears.  How can I have so many important sites to look at? How can I choose the priority sites?

I stand back for a moment. Think about how to proceed.  And then it comes to me.

What would I tell my clients?  

Sort out the problem one step at a time.  All I have to do is delete all the sites I haven’t looked at for ages and then I’ll be left with the priority ones,  that give me the insight I need.

How about you? And all those goals?

Every goal is very important. But there are too many to deal with right now.

Do what I did. Deal with one file at a time.  Delete. Delete. Delete.

You’ll be left with the priority goals.

Now you can get sorted.

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My 31 day Challenge! You can be more confident in 31 days!

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One response to “Get sorted!

  1. Will I. Sounds great on paper but sometimes the problems that sap our confidence are ongoing and it is difficult to “delete”.

    Love the blog though…………………great.

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