My ‘Spring Into Sunshine’ Challenge

 Here it is!  

My 31 day ‘Spring into Sunshine’ Challenge –  

31 days to Create a More Confident You! 

First let me say that I’ve been inspired to write this because I’m following  Darren Rowse  and his 31 Day ‘Build A better Blog’ Challenge. 

That’s my challenge.  But enough about me. 

This blog is all about you! 

How do you fancy doing a Spring Into Sunshine Challenge’  with me? 

OK.  It’s DAY ONE of the challenge. 

Today your task is to  PREPARE.  

I want you to think about what you really want to achieve.  Where would you like your confidence to be in 31 days time ? 

The purpose of this challenge will be different for everyone, just as my purpose from the Build A Better Blog Challenge will be quite different from those of other bloggers. 

I suggest you buy an attractive notebook.  I’ve done that for my blog challenge.  I’m addicted to stationery –  any excuse to go into Paperchase in fact… 

On the first page, write down where you would like to be in 31 days time, as far as confidence is concerned.  

Write as much detail as you can.  Imagine how you’ll feel. Imagine what you’ll be doing differently.

Think about the particular areas of your life where you want to be more confident.  Write them down. Now try to pinpoint the most important area for improvement.

Now you’re all set up for day 2.  

See you tomorrow!

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2 responses to “My ‘Spring Into Sunshine’ Challenge

  1. Thanks Linda I had a little accident in January it was just a silly one ,the car infront of me stopped and I didn’t, I was going out to see family and I have been there lots of times it was along the m3 and I was determined I was not going to go the way my sat nav told me as it comes out onto a very big roundabout. I carried further on down the motorway and went further than I meant to, finished up with signs for m25, m1, m40. I took the m40 as I have been on that one, Farnborough was sign posted so I took it. I started to panic not concerntrating and suddenly this car stopped, and as I said I didn’t. I couldn’t believe it as I don’t usually travel close to other cars, maybe I slipped on ice . The only damage to my car was the clip on the bonnet had broken so I had to get my insurance people to sent out a break down truck, as the bonnet was not secure. I waited 4 hrs in the cold. Is was such a stupid thing to do. Since then I have only done local driving. Last year I went to Lincoln on my own twice, but since this incident I have lost my confidence to go.

  2. No wonder you lost confidence Marea. We all would. You panicked. No one enjoys stuff like that.

    When you’re ready, I’m sure you’ll drive further afield again. Perhaps you could think about WHY it happened?

    Be reassured, it could have happened on a road near home. Perhaps it was your frame of mind, the road conditions, being unsure of the way to go, any of those were the reasons for the accident.

    We all blame ourselves when things go wrong but sometimes it’s not completely our fault.

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