Spring into Sunshine Challenge – Day 3 – Sewing Some Seeds

So how was your Drizzle Plan?

My understairs cupboard looks amazing and I loved the Maltesers.

What about you? 

Did you write your past achievements in your Journal? There’s still plenty of time to do that…

I was right! The drizzle has gone and the sun  is out.  We’re all ready for

Day 3 –  Sewing Some Seeds.

There’s so much I want to do in my garden. I very excited at the garden centre as I browse amongst the plants. I want to bring them ALL home . I want my garden to look amazing NOW!

But it’s not time. First, I must sew some seeds.

It’s the same with creating a more confident you.

You want to be on Day 31 of this Challenge NOW!

But it’s not time.

You must sew some seeds.

Let’s imagine the picture on your seed packet, how you’ll be when you’re more confident. And let’s sew those tiny seeds today:


  • Think about those changes you want to make.
  • Choose ONE.
  • Now – take ONE SMALL ACTION towards making that change.

The seed you have planted will grow –

that small action will lead to another –  

and another –

and before you know it, your seeds will begin to bloom…

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