Spring into Sunshine Challenge – Day 4 – Let in the Light!

OK, I lied yesterday! 

The sun is NOT out.

The rain is drumming on the slate roof once again. I’ve had to turn on my desk light to write this.

When I’m not thinking about my blog, I’m busy researching the history of our village school, reading the old log books, starting in 1863.

It’s fascinating reading. 

With each brown inked entry I hear the voice of the School Mistress telling me about her painstaking work, week by week.

It’s intriguing  finding such gems as,

May 30th 1864  

‘The Rev John Keble gave a lesson to the First Class. Subject – The Sinful Lusts of the Flesh.’

Late yesterday afternoon, as the light was fading from my study, I found this –

November 14th 1884 

‘Singing lesson omitted this afternoon, to have as much daylight as possible for Needlework.

I wonder how the school rooms were lit in 1884? Oil lamps, perhaps?  I must google it and find out. 

Daylight is very important to me – Saturday is my favourite day of the year, as we get that precious ‘Extra Hour’. And I intend to make the most of it.

How about you?


How will you use that extra hour?

But before you start, open a window wide (so long as it’s warm enough!)

To get you started –

  • Let some light into your wardrobe. Choose 3 items to put in the Charity Shop bag.
  • (Do the same for your husband/partner when they’re not looking.)
  • Let some light into your bookshelves. Find 3 books you know you won’t read again and dust them off to go in the bag.
  • Do the same with your old DVD’s and CD’s.
  • Let  some light into that cupboard you’ve been meaning to clear out – find stuff you’d forgotten you had and certainly haven’t used for…well, you’ve forgotten how long. I don’t have to tell you where to put it…

You’ll feel so much more fresh and confident when you let some extra light in to your day. 

Make a start and who knows where it may lead?


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