Live in the Moment – S.I.S. Challenge – Day 5

‘Thank God It’s Friday!’ I hear you cry.

You’ve been longing for the weekend, a few days respite from work. When I was a teacher, T.G.I.F was the staff room Friday mantra, we were busy wishing our lives away.

This week a friend said to me,

‘You’re so lucky! You live in the moment!’

I guess she’s right. I notice stuff.

Like this ladybird. 

In fact there were two of them on the windowsill.  And an enormous bee. All signs of hope and the coming of Spring. I stopped for a few seconds to notice them.

Try some of these and see how much better you feel – I promise!

  • Notice the feel of a few rare rays of sunshine on your back
  • Notice the shape of the skeletal trees against a cloudy sky
  • Notice the subtle change in the colour of the grass in your garden

Just stop and notice..

In my experience, confidence comes with an awareness of what we’re capable of doing. It comes with noticing the ‘good stuff’ about ourselves. The ‘good stuff’  that others tell us they notice.


Start noticing all the ‘good stuff’ about YOU.

Why not write it down in your Journal and add to it as you think of more things, because you will!

‘NOW is a gift -that’s why it’s called the present.’  Anon.


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