Day 6 – Making tracks – as your Confidence grows

Walking round the lane this morning I came across this –

I was thinking about yesterday’s post about noticing the ‘good stuff’, (Day 5),  and I got to musing again, as I do.  I wondered who’d left these muddy tracks. Was it a tractor? Who was the driver? Would I like her/him? What kind of person had left these tracks?

As I walked away, I wondered about the ‘tracks’ I’ve left for others to see, what impressions people get when they meet me. 

And is it an impression I’m pleased to leave?


Think about the  ‘tracks’ you leave.

How do you want to be perceived? Will people notice your growing confidence?

Try these, and add your own –

  • Next time the phone rings, smile down the phone.  Leave a friendly ‘track.’
  • Say ‘thankyou’ next time someone is thoughtful or kind.
  • Leave a ‘tip’ for good service in a restaurant
  • When you pass a mirror, decide what kind of person is looking back.
  • When you’re waiting at a busy junction, let 3 drivers out first.

How many confident tracks can you leave this weekend?


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