Day 7 – Your Tracks May Not Be Washed Away……

‘There’s someone at the door!’

I’d been in the garden and felt really scruffy in my gardening gear, not exactly in the mood for a visitor.

A lady stood on the step and grinned at me.

I wasn’t sure I recognised her but she seemed to know me.

‘I’m Susan’s mum!’ she said. 

As soon as I heard the name I easily remembered her daughter. She’d been a student of mine several years ago, when I taught dyslexic students at my home.

‘Susan wanted me to see if you still lived here! She’s in her final year at Uni now and wanted you to know how well she’s doing.’

I invited her in and she told me all about her daughter, and how she wanted to take a course in teaching dyslexic students, as well as completing her degree course.

I was amazed. This lady had come out of her way especially to find me.

As I walked with her to her car she said, ‘If it hadn’t been for you and all the confidence you gave Susan, she would never have got where she is today.’

I’m sure that’s not completely true. Susan was highly motivated to do well,  but it made me realise that the tracks I made all those years ago had not washed away, like footsteps in the sand.


  • Think again about the ‘tracks’ you leave.  They might leave their impression for longer than you think.
  • Just a few thoughtful words can make someone’s day.
  • Next time you speak to someone, leave  a ‘track ‘you can be proud of.

Header by cursed thing, post pic by  me.


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