Day 8 – That chance remark…

When I started writing this blog, I was filled with self-critical thoughts. 

What ifit’s too difficult?

What ifI run out of things to write about?

What if no-one’s interested to read it?

Then came the ‘chance remark’ that gave me the confidence to keep writing.

A friend said,

‘I love your blog!  You really have found your writing niche!’

I blushed, smiled and then my whole face beamed.

That seed of positive feedback was all I needed to stick to my goal and write.

Sometimes it only takes a chance remark to lift you from pessimism to optimism again.

In my view, confidence thrives on  positive feedback. We’re all fragile beings and sometimes all we need is a seed of hope.


Next time someone tells you about their plans, give them that

seed of hope.

Then stand back and watch them beam.

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One response to “Day 8 – That chance remark…

  1. Carol Donaldson

    Hi Linda,

    I am really enjoying your daily snippets of positive thinking. Thanks for including me in the loop.


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