Day 9 – Let your tattoo remain!

I got a tattoo!

OK, don’t have a fit… let me explain.

Ruby, age 4, was very excited. Grandma was getting a tattoo!

Ruby had a whole load of them in a special box and she was going to put one on grandma’s arm. Very carefully she peeled off the covering and pressed it down hard.

‘Don’t worry, grandma, you can wash it off in the bath!’

But that tattoo was very persistent. How ever many times I washed it, scrubbed it, there it stayed. It only disappeared after a week of scrubbing!

It’s the same with your goals. 

Once you’ve made up your mind about what you want to achieve, don’t give up.  You’ve made your list of the steps you need to take – you’ve even started taking them. 

And then the doubts creep in.  You can’t face it. You even wonder why you set this goal in the first place.  You just want to give up.

It’s OK!

Relapse is normal. But, as we all know only too well, tomorrow is another day. You need to be persistent. Keep thinking about how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved your goal. 

In my view, confidence comes when you surprise yourself and do more than you thought you could.  Persistence really does pay off.


  • Look at your priority goal.
  • Tell yourself you’re going to get there, come what may.
  • Now take the next step on your list, however small.
  • Feel better? Of course you do!

Let your tattoo remain!

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