Day 12 – What’s the rush?

‘A jug fills, drop by drop.’    The Buddha

We’ve all done it… 

You’re downloading a new Installation on the computer.  Then up comes the message –

‘Please wait. Installation could take several minutes.’

You huff and you puff, you look at your watch and wonder how you can possibly wait for several minutes.

You want to get back to your work/browsing/writing NOW!

You faff about, make a cup of coffee, drink it, peer at the screen only to find it’s still downloading!

It may be only a few minutes but it feels like forever, because we’ve all got used to everything happening instantly.

And it’s the same with your Confidence Goals.

You’ve chosen your Goal. You’ve even written it down. But you want to see some results NOW!

It doesn’t work like that.  If it’s worth achieving , it’s worth waiting.


  • Look at your Goal,
  • Think about the steps you’ve planned,
  • Take the next step,
  • Now… wait…

In a few minutes, hours or days , your Goal will be ‘installed’.



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