Day 13 – Help! I can’t do it!


It’s not rocket science!  

All I want to do is re-set the clock in the car. That’s it. End of.  

I find the manual, read the instructions, go at it like a bull at a gate and then wonder why I can’t do it.  

I’m breaking out in a sweat. Face red. I’ve never felt so silly. I’m in two minds whether to abandon the trip and just stay at home. What’s the point? I’m useless.  

All this is swiftly followed by a whole thought-stream of ‘put downs’.  

  • ‘Why did you ever THINK you could do this?”
  • ‘Just give up now.’
  • ‘You’re  a waste of space.’

Then my OH joined me. He put on his glasses, which at least gave the impression that he knew what to do, picked up the manual and said,  

‘What’s the matter?’  

And then… I whispered, in the tiniest voice,  

‘Please help me! I can’t do this by myself!’  

He grinned, we re-read the instructions and TOGETHER, we set the clock to the new time…  

I learnt so much from this.  

I learnt that confidence is about not being afraid to ask for help. Blundering on, having a stab at it, is all very well. But pausing, taking a deep breath, admitting you need some help, is the way to go.  


  • Take a look at your current goal.
  • Consider the steps you’ve planned to take.
  • Pin point the step you know you’ll need help with.
  • Now… ASK.

‘Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you to do it.’   

W. CLement Stone


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