Day 19- Perfection? Now you’re being silly…

I have a confession to make!

I’m a huge fan of a Channel 4’s TV programme called ‘Come Dine with Me’.  For those of you who don’t know, it features 4/5 volunteer hosts who take it in turns to entertain one another to dinner.  At the end of the week they award £1,000 to the ‘host with the most’, so to speak.

The highest marks are usually 9 out of 10, very rarely is a ’10’ awarded, for most of us who cook know that such a mark would be unrealistic.  It leaves no room for improvement.

It’s the same with us.

We strive for perfection. We look in the mirror and see all our flaws; we cook a meal and beat ourselves up when the result is not exactly like the picture in the cookery book; we want our hair to look exactly like the magazine photo… I’m sure you can add many more examples.

Why can we not achieve perfection?

Because, in my view, it simply doesn’t exist.

Think about it for a moment. Even in nature, if we look closely we’ll see  broken petals on a beautiful pansy, a black spot on an exquisite rose, moss in a lawn.  In fact, I believe it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful, just as the broken petals only add to the beauty of the flower.


Whatever you strive for today, be realistic in your expectations.

  • Cooking for guests?  You know the answer…
  • Getting ready to go out for the evening? You know the answer…
  • Spring cleaning your home?  You know the answer…

And what about me?

  • Building my blog?     I know the answer…


 ‘No garden is without its weeds.’  Thomas Fuller



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4 responses to “Day 19- Perfection? Now you’re being silly…

  1. Thats my problem, I wish someone had told me when I was younger. I think most women beat themselves about being perfect. I spent a long time being accuse of being little miss perfect, when I knew I really wasn’t. I would try to get things perfect and when it doesn’t happen I would feel prettty bad about myself.

  2. It’s so silly to strive to be perfect isn’t it. So why do we do it? We just need to look at everyone else around us to know it can’t be done…
    Is it all down to the media? or … what?

    Amswers on a post card….

  3. I think the media must take most of the blame. Especially womens magazines. I used to read She and Woman and Home but all the women they featured were running their own business ,and looking after their families and home. The likes of myself staying at home looking after a family, and eventually going out to work as they got older, but doing a mundane job just to keep the money flowing. It makes you start to feel that you are a failure who hasn’t really achieved anything. Married and divorced twice. There are so many people who go abroad every year, skiing in the winter. What have I achieved. I know I have five great children, four happily married with their family who have given me 11 beautiful grandchildren.and ofcause the youngest doing really well at University, who has so much confidence and go in her she puts me to shame. Where did I go wrong. My mother brought us up to think we were something special and better than our peers, which made me a bit of a snob looking down my nose at for example families living in council accommodation with lots of children, living off the state. I no longer feel superior I feel as if I am just like them, and do feel quite ashamed to have fallen so far. I could say more, but actally putting this down is quite depressing.

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