Day 21- Do this and your Confidence will Grow

Picture this-

  • I start my blog.
  • I write some posts.
  • I read articles on Problogger about How to Build a  Better Blog.
  • I put some of the suggestions into practise.

And then… I set myself up for failure.

I set an Unrealistic Goal. 

My Unrealistic Goal is –

to double the number of visits to my blog in 31 days.

If I fail, I’ll be disappointed, dismayed and disillusioned.

With hindsight I can see my mistake.  Yes! I can have a Long Term Goal but meantime, I must have some achievable Short Term Goals on the way.

So I’ve re-thought it and now I’m on my way.  My Short Term Goals are in place and I’m confident I’ll reach that previously unachievable Long Term Goal.  Key words here? Long Term and Unachievable. 

What about you?


Think about this-

  • Have you set your Long Term Goal?
  • Is it really Achievable?
  • Do you need to put some Short Term Goals in place to get you to your Long term Goal?

Start now. Keep that Long Term Goal in sight. But, meantime, your Short Term Goals will take you in the right direction.

And you’ll turn

Disappointment, Disillusionment and Dismay into  DELIGHT!

‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.’ Anon.



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