Day 22- How to be Confident by standing on your head

Remember when you were a child?

A summer’s day, soft grass, standing on your head?

Easy, wasn’t it! The whole world looked great the wrong way up… anything was possible.

So now you’ve grown up (officially, anyway…)

Just think about all you could achieve if you looked at your world from the other way up.

  • You’d love to change your job.  You get the application form.  You’re about to send it off…

”What if I don’t like it?’ you worry. ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’

Just go back to being that carefree chikld for a moment –

turn your thinking updside down.

‘What if you do like it?  What if it does work out?’

Right. Now send off that application from…

  • You’d love to start selling your unwanted stuff on e:bay.

‘What if no-one buys from me?’ you fret.

You start putting all those things back in the wardrobe… and then, from your upside down position you can wonder – ‘But what if they do buy from me?’

And what about me?

  • I want to write a blog that helps people turn their thinking upside down, to be more confident.

I could say,

‘But what if no one reads it? What if it’s not helpful enough?  What if…’

As I stand on my head (it’s quite difficult to type  in this position…) I can say, ‘But what if it is helpful?  What if they do read it?’

And I carry on typing…


Next time you want to start something new, exciting but scary, just stand on your head, and look at your plan from there. It might help you to take that risk.  You know you want to!


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