Day 24- Why I conquered my Snake Phobia and became Confident

Welcome back!

Yesterday I told you a bit about how I did it. Today I’m going to tell you WHY I did it.

I did it because I was highly motivated.  

I’d face my worst fear, a life threatening illness and after that there seemed nothing I couldn’t face. So… I decided to face the snake.

 I told everyone I knew, and many I didn’t, that I was going to be sponsored to handle a live snake. 

In other words, I made a commitment.  Once I’d done that I felt buoyed up with enthusiasm, thrusting a sponsor form under the noses of everyone.

‘I wish I was brave, like you,’ they said. ‘I’m afraid of spiders but I couldn’t…’

Yes, they could! If they were MOTIVATED enough.

In my view, the key to reaching any challenge is,


I was passionate about reaching my challenge, and it showed.


  • About this challenge of yours. Are you passionate enough?
  • Or would you just quite like to achieve it?
  • Make your choice. Be passionate about it – or choose a different challenge you are passionate about.

‘Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it.’ Bill Cosby

See you tomorrow for more…



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