Day 26- How to find confidence by doing nothing!

Are you addicted?

To this?  

or to this?

I hope not!

I was waiting for my OH to get off the London train at Winchester and I found myself people watching, one of favourite pastimes.

Nearly everyone was either tuned into their I-Pod or had their mobile clasped to their ear.  Everywhere I look these days, people are tuned in to noise. In the supermarket, out on a run, even while driving.

Do they ever switch off… and listen to themselves?

Do they think their thoughts? make plans? sort  out a problem? dare I say, do they think about what they want from life?

When I need to work things out, I listen to my instincts. I actually get a feeling in my chest that tells me whether something is good or bad for me. 

My instincts keep me true to myself.

They have my best interests at heart.


  • Switch off.
  • Find some space in your day to be silent. No distractions. No TV, phone, texts. And then … Listen  to yourself.
  • Whatever was on your mind, troubling you, will begin to be sorted.

Try it! Do nothing!

What’s the worst that can happen?

It might just work…


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2 responses to “Day 26- How to find confidence by doing nothing!

  1. You are right , I spend very little time in silence. I am always on my mobile phone, on my computor or surrounded by my youngest grandsons. I never listen to me, I have always jumped in with both feet.
    Many years ago there was a television film called “Cathy come home”I wonder if you have seen it.
    After watching it I could never get it out of my head. It haunted me , I was scared I could finish up like Cathy. It did not stop me taking chances. I finished up by getting a divorce after 10 years with my first husband. I jumping into a new relationship and was married again within 5 years, and through out the next (almost) twenty years I could have ended up like Cathy, especially the last ten years.
    I have always wanted other people to support me I didn’t want to stand on my own two feet.
    I have been on my own for about nine years now, the first few still relying on my ex to support me . In doing that we could have found ourselves on the street.
    I took control and sorted our housing problem got my own bank account and got a job,which I really enjoyed, one that did not involve me supporting my husbands business. So here I am retired still very much independant, but in the very rare moments of silence, or after seeing a girly movie or just young couples on the street holding hands, I feel I am missing all of that. What do I do. “Shout I am free I want to be loved again (I know I have lots of love from my family) Adult love I want someone to be there for me, not take over just to be there.
    Sorry I have rambled on. I am having a quiet time in front of my computor.

  2. In my view, Marea, we should all build some ‘silence’ into our day.
    How often do we sit down to eat and automatically turn on the TV/radio. Why? I think it’s because we’re not in the habit of keeping comapny with our own thoughts. We rely on other people’s words to fill the spaces.

    Yes, I have seen that film and I found it haunting too.

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