Day 27 – How to find your hidden, confident ‘voice’

The volcano erupts…

everyone is affected, but not always in a bad way!

I heard a woman interviewed on the radio yesterday. She was excited because, living under the flight path near Heathrow, she’d got used to living with constant noise.  Now, for the first time ever, the skies were silent.

She could hear a bird singing in her garden, something she could never do when the planes were overhead.

She was amazed and wished the silence would last a bit longer.

I got to thinking about that birdsong – how it’s always there but is drowned out by the jet engines.

Your confident ‘voice’ is like that.

Picture the scene –

I’m a student teacher. It’s the late 60’s and headscarves are all the rage. I buy a bright pink one and proudly wear it on a visit home.

‘What DO you think you look like?’ my mother hisses. ‘For goodness sake! Take if off!’

I was mortified. I did as she said and never wore bright pink again.  Until many years later when I visited a Style and Colour expert who told me it is one of my ‘best’ colours! And, guess what! I now wear this colour all the time…


My ‘confident voice’ which had been drowned out all those years ago by my mother’s opinion, could now be heard.

 Look back at yesterday’s post.

Your confident voice is there, you just need to listen for it, and give yourself that silent place to hear it.


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