Day 28 – You Can’t Change It – Only Your Reaction To It…

‘It’s not fair!’

 ‘Our holiday is ruined!’

‘We want compensation!’

OK – the volcano is erupting. It’s a huge problem, an enormous disruption for people all over the world, but the fact remains – WE CAN’T CHANGE IT!

All we can do is – change our reaction to it.

Stuff happens – we just have to deal with it.

The really good news is that dealing with it, adjusting to it, whatever it is, only makes you stronger.

You gather your thoughts, begin to make a plan, and take action, however small.

Many years ago I had agaraphobia. I couldn’t even go out into my garden to hang out the washing.  Sounds very silly I know, but it was real. I couldn’t change it, but I could change my reaction to it.

Instead of giving up, staying indoors and feeling unhappy, I gathered my thoughts, began to make a plan, and took action.

My goal was to travel by myself to the Caribbean.  An enormous goal for me, but I made it.  Not overnight – it took several months.


  • When your volcano erupts, you’ll handle it!
  • Think about a situation in your life that you cannot change.
  • Now gather your thoughts, begin to make a plan, and take action to adjust to it.

There! Feel better?


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