Day 29 – You have 3 seconds…

to make a first impression!

Are you showing a bit more of yourself, in the sunshine?

Or are you hiding your true self?

I’ve been asked to send a photo of myself  to ‘Woman & Home’ magazine, for possible publication. I asked my OH to take some pictures, but when it came to choosing the one to send I was not happy. 

None of them showed me at my ‘best‘… I had lines near my eyes, my hair wasn’t quite right, my neck looked… well! You don’t want to know…

But who was I kidding?

I am no longer 21, I do have lines, my neck is getting a bit, well, crepey… (no, not creepy, just crepey…)

Let’s face it, the person in those pictures was ME.

Are you hiding your true self?

You are unique.  You have a right to your views, opinions and dress sense.

Don’t hide… be true to you.


  • Next time you go to the supermarket, wear your favourite, colourful, ‘best’ outfit. Trust me! You’ll feel amazing! (obviously I don’t mean feather boas, ridiculous shoes or outrageously low-cut tops, that would be too silly, even for you men reading this…)
  •  Wear your most expensive perfume to go to the library/Post Office/bank. Trust me, heads will turn!
  • You have 3 seconds to make that first impression. Leave an impression that shows the real you!


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9 responses to “Day 29 – You have 3 seconds…

  1. I do that too. When anyone takes pictures with my camera I delete most of them. My youngest son complains that he will not have any pictures of me to keep. And I will not wear old clothes round the house incase someone calls, that goes for make up too. I am over sixty on the outside but 21 in my heart.

    • I find that most women (and sometimes men!) I know resist having their picture taken.. it can be very exposing (sorry for the pun).
      In our heads we aren’t the person we see in the mirror!

      People see beyond the mere physical as they get to know us and our true self shines through. We just need to think about that first 3 seconds more often I think.

  2. I don’t think you need to hide you are gorgeous.

  3. ashbee

    Of course you are right, it’s far too easy to overlook the impression we are giving when we just can’t be bothered…why would anyone be interested in us when we aren’t interested in ourselves? I play a private game of being French sometimes (it’s a long story) and on those days I meet the world eye to eye and with a smile too. I swear the sun shines even when its raining on those days…

  4. Emma

    I admit I detest photo’s of me being taken and am not that confident when I look in the mirror but in my last place of employment I was myself. I did not try to adjust to fit in like I realise I did as a child, so I may not have always been down the pub and people knew I was the office geek and they could ask me a question and I would know the answer. But that is who I am and for once I was accepted as who I am and I know I was valued as I got some very nice presnts including jewellery and was told it was the largest collection for sometime, which where I worked is very impressive as they usually happen every week!!

    opps sorry for going on a bit!!

    • Thanks for that, Em, and never worry about ‘going on a bit’…it’s what this blog is all about – an ongoing conversation!

      So many of us tried to ‘fit in’ as a child and still worry about doing that today. When you’re in a new job or social situation it’s natural to do that but as we settle down and people get to know us we can show them more of our true selves.

  5. I agree linda, I call that the “let me show you who I am approach” , instead of focusing on being judged by people a person should focus on telling them who he is in the first few seconds , thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, farouk.

      I guess there’s a narrow line between ‘showing off’ and gently being who we are. Confidence is good, arrogance isn’t, I’m think you’d agree.

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