Day 30- Stop…

…going with the flow….

start your own river instead!


Dr Phil McGraw, ‘Life Strategies’, page 181.

 I love that man’s books.  He’s soooo wise…

Yesterday we were talking about showing your true self to the world. 

You have to be brave to stand out from the crowd. And it’s not easy.

Today I want to focus on the  narrow line between being confident about showing your true self and being – horror of horrors – arrogant.

No one wants to be treated like a doormat. We need to be heard. So. How do you complain without sounding arrogant?

A few weeks ago I was shopping with my OH in a busy store.  As soon as we were through the door we were bombarded with ear-splitting music.

Supposed to be ‘muzak’.  Horrendous. We almost turned straight around and left.

But I decided to complain!

I approached an assistant, told her how much I liked shopping there but sadly, we’d have to leave. She asked why and I explained, with a smile,  that we couldn’t tolerate the volume of the music. I said how much we’d appreciate it if she could arrange to turn it down.

To my surprise and delight she said they’d had lots of complaints and lots of the staff felt the same. She immediately sorted it out and we enjoyed our shopping. 


Starting your own river takes practise

  • Start small.
  • Your coffee in the cafe arrives cold. Stop!  Ask for a fresh one (with a friendly smile of course…)
  • Your wine glass has a smear. Tell the waiter and ask for a clean one (with a … I think you know what to do…)

Have you ‘Have you started your own River’?

Stand out from the crowd…


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