Day 31 – 31 Ways …

to be confident in 5 words or less!

 It’s the final day of our Spring into Sunshine Challenge.

The sun is out and I hope you’re all feeling a lot more confident!

I’ve borrowed this post idea from over at Marc and Angel’s blog .

Here are my 31 Ways to Be Confident in 5 words or less!

  1. Specify your area for improvement.
  2. Value your past achievements.
  3. Take one small action today.
  4. Let light into your life.
  5. Notice your ‘good stuff’.
  6. Think about your tracks.
  7. Leave tracks you’re proud of.
  8. Give positive feedback.
  9. Persistence – the key to success.
  10. ‘Radiators’ good, ‘drains’ bad.
  11. Leave foolish beliefs behind.
  12. Worth achieving? Worth waiting!
  13. Stuck? Ask for help.
  14. Eat some chocolate!
  15. Do the best you can.
  16. Review progress.
  17. Practise receiving compliments.
  18. Build your Circle of Confidence.
  19. Remember – perfection doesn’t exist.
  20. Listen to your instincts.
  21. Set realistic goals.
  22. Try a fresh perspective.
  23. There’s help out there.
  24. Be passionate about your goal.
  25. No-one’s better, simply different.
  26. Switch off noise, and listen!
  27. Find your ‘confident voice’.
  28. Can’t change it? Adjust!
  29. Show the real you.
  30. Start your own ‘river’.
  31. Look forward with renewed confidence!



Thanks for staying the course!


Ready for  TODAY’S TASK?

First, read through the 31 ways once more.


  • Which were the most useful to you? Tell us, in the ‘Leave a Reply’  box.
  • What can you add to the list?
  • Let’s try to make that list as long as we can and help one another in this Confidence Quest.

‘It’s never too late to turn your life around.’


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