You have 5 minutes…

to Ditch your Deadly Distraction Demons!

 Picture the scene

9.00 am     I switch on my computer.

9.01  am     I gaze at the screen for inspiration for today’s post.

9.05 am      I’m still gazing.

9.06 am      I’ll just check my e:m’s.  OOH! MUST answer this one.

9.15 am       Oh dear. That took longer than I thought.

9.16 am      Phew!  Now I can begin – once I’ve checked my favourite Forums to see if there’s anything interesting.

9.45 am      I’d better have a peep at Facebook and Twitter, there’s often inspiration for a blog post there.

10.15 am    And I can’t possibly start before I have a quick look at Problogger – just in case.

11.00 am     OMG! Is that really the time?

And  I’ve still got to sharpen my pencils for making notes and planning my post…


I’ve been got at!  By the Deadly Distraction Demons!

Do you do this too?

Learning how to be confident takes time.

It takes practice.

You don’t want to be patient. 

You want to get there NOW, of course you do. 

And that’s when you’re vulnerable to attack by the

Deadly Distraction Demons.


  • You’ve decided you want to be more confident.
  • You’ve made a realistic plan to reach your first goal.
  • You’re hesitant.
  • You need confidence  in order to take the first, scary step.

It’s OK!  

You have my permission to put off taking that first scary step… FOR 5 WHOLE MINUTES!

And then…

Ditch those Deadly Distraction Demons, at least for today.

Do tell us –

  1. What’s your worst Deadly Distraction?
  2. And what’s your strategy for banishing it?

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