The Confidence Habit Is All About Timing

Welcome back!

Now you’ve set that realistic goal we can look at the

 2nd Way to Get the Confidence Habit and Keep It

It’s – Get the Timing Right

My goal is to be better blogger.

But I have to think about this in terms of timing.

I could say, ‘I want to be better blogger by the end of the year.’ There’s nothing really wrong with such a long-term goal but you and I both know that I’ll be caught by the Deadly Distraction Demons (see ‘You have 5 minutes’, post for two days ago.) I’ll potter along, researching here and there, taking my time, putting off tasks till tomorrow…and tomorrow…

And as a result I’ll

  • lose my motivation
  • lose the passion to achieve my goal
  • procrastinate – get distracted – non-blogging activities.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have deadlines. But they need to be tightly timed to keep you focused.

Here’s what I suggest-

  •  You’ve been realistic about your goal. You now need to be realistic about the time it will take.
  • Decide when you plan to have achieved it. Write it down. Put it on the calendar/in your diary/notebook.
  • Now set small deadlines in between. You’ll be motivated to carry on as you reach each small deadline and the final one will creep ever closer.

‘Success is not just about setting a goal and achieving it but about delighting in the journey.’

Sarah Litvinoff – ‘The Confidence Plan.’

See you tomorrow for the 3rd Way to get The Confidence Habit and Keep it




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