Get a Confidence Crony – Get the Confidence Habit and Keep It

‘A blog? You’re going to write a blog? But you know nothing about blogging! You’ll need a lot of help!’

That was my inner voice, trying to put me off attempting something completely new.

And my inner voice was right. I did need a lot of help. I needed to choose a  Blogging Buddy. Someone who would

  • support and encourage me
  • explain technicalities
  • make helpful suggestions

and generally be available when I felt it was all too much.


It’s the same with you.

My 3rd Way to Get The Confidence Habit and Keep It is –

Choose a Confidence Crony

I know people who have joined slimming clubs. Why? Because the support from like-minded people is invaluable. They’re not doing this alone.

It’s the London Marathon today. Many, if not all of those runners had support. They will have chosen a running crony to train with,  to keep them motivated when they felt like giving up.

The support I got from my sponsors when I decided to conquer my snake phobia was vital.  ( see ‘Day 23’, 1.4.2010).

It kept me going when I faltered and it motivated me to ‘keep on carrying on.’

How about you?

  • Make sure you keep away from those ‘Drains’ and spend time with the ‘Radiators’.
  • Choose a Confidence Crony who you can confide in when you feel you’re getting nowhere fast.
  • Talk to a Confidence Coach. OOOPS! Silly me… you already are!

They say, ‘No man is an Island’ and it’s true.

Everyone falters when the task seems hard, but with the right support, anything is possible.




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2 responses to “Get a Confidence Crony – Get the Confidence Habit and Keep It

  1. carsma

    So what do you do, if you have support, but the person doing you damage, continues and you are tied through business and money.

    Sorry that sounds rubbish, but I can’t go into details on here. Pretty crap me saying anything really.

    Carsma x

    • Thanks for being brave and commenting, carsma.
      I guess what I’d so, and I know I’m not you, is seek some professional support and advice about how to rid yourself of this person’s influence.
      Do e:m me at home if you think it would help.

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