Make Mistakes and Get the Confidence Habit and Keep It

Picture this-

 I’m working hard on my latest writing project. In fact I’ve been busy on it all day. I’m getting tired now.

I press the wrong key…

and the screen goes blank.

I try everything to restore all that hard work, but nothing works.


Because I didn’t save the document!

I almost dissolve into tears of frustration.

I almost find someone else to blame.

And then I stop.  Sort out my pile of notes.  Accept that I made a silly mistake.  And start again. 

The 4th Way to get the Confidence Habit and Keep It is –

Make Mistakes … and Learn

Without mistakes no-one would learn anything.

  • Think back to when you were learning to drive. How many mistakes did you make in the process?
  • What about when you were learning to play an instrument/swim/skate/play a sport? Your mistakes were simply important stepping-stones on the way to success.
  • With every ‘blip’ came a skill learned.

Because I  lost that document, I’m far more vigilant.

Acknowledging our mistakes and accepting that we will make them, is very important in reinforcing our confidence.

What about you?

  • So… you didn’t get that job? You need to sit down and work out where you went wrong. Could you have prepared more thoroughly? Was it the right job for you?
  • You got a speeding fine? Like me!  Accept that you were the one driving and you got it wrong!
  • You upset your OH with hurtful words? Accept it and do something to put it right.

Accept that you will make mistakes. We all do. And then learn from them. Your confidence will grow. Promise!

‘The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.’

Elbert Hubbard


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