Practise and Get the Confidence Habit and Keep It

‘Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.’

 Robert Collier

They say it takes 3 weeks…

3 weeks to get a new habit…

I’m working hard on getting and keeping the Blogging Habit but it’s not easy.

This is how I’m doing so far –

  • I set aside at least an hour of my time each day for writing a post
  • I take my notebook everywhere and write everywhere
  • I’m always noticing ‘stuff’ to write about
  • I read ‘How to’ sites  as much as I can




When your mum told you to practise? And you hated it?

When you were learning to drive and you had to practise those 3 point turns? And you hated it?

When you wanted to turn a cartwheel? And you had to practise?

Well, guess what!

The 5th Way to get the Confidence habit and keep It  is…

I think you know…

So you’re getting the confidence habit-

  • You want to stop being a People Pleaser.
  • You want to say ‘No’ sometimes and mean it.
  • You want to be consistent with your children.

I know there are lots of areas you want to be more confident in.

So… what must you do?

Practise… in small ways, insignificant situations, when the outcome isn’t  important.

Like practising those 3 point turns in a quiet cul-de-sac until you were confident to do them where it did matter.

Think about your priority area for feeling more confident.

Now write down small ways you can practise your growing confidence skill.

 Then, when you’re ready, you can do it for real.


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