Ban it …

You must ban the ‘O’ word!

Picture the scene

  • You’re tired.
  • It’s been a hectic day.
  • There’s a huge pile of ironing…waiting.
  • You gaze at it – wishing you had a Magic Wand.
  • ‘I really OUGHT to do the ironing’, you mutter, through gritted teeth.

OUGHT to? 


Think about it like this –

Will the sky fall in if …

  • you leave the ironing?
  • if you wait until you WANT to do it?
  • if you wait for tomorrow morning or a time when you’re not so tired and weary?

I know it has to be done eventually, clothes need to be ironed, well, most of them anyway.

But you need to choose the RIGHT TIME, when it won’t be so much of a chore.

And it’s the same with you and your goals.

  • You have decided to set the goal.
  • You’ve made a plan.
  • It’s realistic and achievable.

But perhaps NOW is not the right moment to take that first action.


For today, it’s enough that you’re on your way.

Tomorrow you’ll WANT to begin…

‘Press on. Obstacles are seldom the same size tomorrow as they are today.’

Robert Schuller


Are you going to ban the O word, at least for today?

Which word will you replace it with?


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3 responses to “Ban it …

  1. Christine

    Oh my, a woman after my own heart. I will ban the ‘O’ word right now…

  2. Just to say you are right.

    When I worked. I forced myself to do everything.

    Now I am home, I know I was daft. There is a time and place for everything and now may not be the time…..

    Carsma x

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